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How to Start a Google+ Hangout

Do you want to save time in 2013? What if I told you it’s possible to get back a few minutes or even hours during the day or days you have meetings?

One of the things on my list for a better business and life in 2013 besides doing more videos is to do more of my meetings using Google+ Hangouts. You can do them from literally anywhere. You need only a few things which most of us have easy access to these days:

  • a Google+ account
  • a computer with internet access and a web cam (or a smartphone)
  • a quiet place (or ear phones and a mic)

You can use a Google+ Hangout for client meetings, or to catch up with college friends, family or whoever with one or multiple people at a time. (If you need help or are new to G+, check out this post on how to navigate Google+).

One thing I want to point out that’s important to do before you do a Google+ Hangout:

Add your invitees to your circles BEFORE the hangout and make sure they don’t have duplicate profiles. If they do, make sure you get the profile where they are most active. This will help save you a head ache later – I promise.

How to get started with a Google+ Hangout

1. Sign in to your Google+ account. (If you don’t have one, sign up for Gmail and Google will walk you through the steps to set one up.) This is what your home page looks like. The chat bar on the right side tells you when the people in your Google+ circles are online.

The faces with the green cameras next to their names are the ones who are available for a Google+ Hangout. The ones with the green circles next to their names are online, but not to do a video chat.

2. Click on the person you want to hangout with. A little chat box will pop up in the right-hand corner of your screen and you’ll see chat box next to their name in the chat bar.

If you click the little camera icon in the chat box, a little message will pop up that says ‘Invite So&So to Hangout.’

Watch the video as I walk you through it step by step as well as show a feature you can use if the meeting is impromptu and you aren’t presentable. :)

Now over to you. Do you use Google+ Hangouts for business or pleasure? Still confused? Come on over to Google+ and ask me a question. I’d love to help!


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