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13 Sure-Fire Ways to be a LinkedIn Rockstar

Social Networking SitesThere are over 160 million professional members on LinkedIn and it is continually growing. Take these easy, actionable steps to become a LinkedIn rockstar.

1. Use a professional photo for your LinkedIn profile photo. Your kids are cute, but this is a professional business networking site. Save those photos for Facebook or Twitter.

2. Send a personalized message when inviting people to connect. It is a reflection of your personality. Think professional social networking without having to leave home.

3. Don’t send a message after connecting with someone saying things like “I make it a goal to meet 3 connections a week.” This translates to “I try to sell my services to 3 different people a week.”

4. Add the Reading List by Amazon app to your LinkedIn profile. You never know when a hiring manager or potential client may be reading the same book as you. This is a great conversation-starter for personal messages or invitations to meet in real life.

5. Give recommendations. Not only do people appreciate your kind words, but your name will show up on their LinkedIn profile. I try to give 1 LinkedIn recommendation per month.

6. Participate and create LinkedIn group discussions where your targeted niche is active. I get the most profile views when I start LinkedIn group discussions.

Stumbled on what topic to chat about? Think ‘value’ instead of sales pitch. Ask people to share their smarts.

7. Add ALL nonprofit and volunteer activities to your LinkedIn profile. The key here is the “All.” It’s another way to connect with your audience.

8. Finalize your LinkedIn profile to 100% completeness. LinkedIn will walk you through how to do this by completing steps such as adding more connections, asking for recommendations and listing all of your schools attended.

9. Add skills to your LinkedIn profile. This will improve the LinkedIn SEO when people search for a professional in your field.

10. Don’t use LinkedIn to constantly toot your own horn. Share value, foster relationships and build your business.

11. Customize your LinkedIn public profile url. My LinkedIn profile url is Looks more professional then the default link the give you.

12. Link your profile to your blog, Twitter bio, Facebook profile and other social networking sites.

13. Add apps to showcase your blog posts, videos or projects. I use the Behance app to share my design samples.

Now it’s your turn. What are your LinkedIn marketing strategies? What am I missing? Leave a comment or share the answer on my Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing your story.

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